Lola is having an Abortion. Check the Reaction of Peter and Jay

Lola and Peter from Eastenders
Lola and Peter from Eastenders
Credit- BBC

Lola Pearce and Jay Brown from Eastenders were technically on a break, when Lola slept with Peter Beale. But now Beale is ready to explode the reunited beloveds’ relationship in EastEnders. Now she is amide the whole world of trouble. But the ultimate question is, if that’s why she is going to have an abortion! There appears more story stories than meet the real eyes?

Peter and Lola:

On Monday, 11th May,  jealous Peter intentionally allowed slip because he knew more about Jay and Lola. Apart from catching them kissing at the car lot, Peter is confident about something more in Jay and Lola. Peter said, “I’m just glad you two are back on track,” before adding, “Sorry, that was tactless of me.”

A neurotic Jay picked up on the dig, but Lola convinced him that all Peter was referring to was the fact of her abortion. But at the same time, she also apologizes for assuming that there was no apology for her actions.

She also tried to downplay their night and convinced Peter. But he took great joy in turning the knife and watching his ex’s twist.  Peter mentioned, “I’m not planning on saying anything to him. But if he asks me…I told you I don’t like liars.”


Jay and Lola: 

After attending Lola to the clinic to have an abortion, Jay was nothing but supportive. But jeopardy Peter is always plotting something against Lola. He again throws a spanner in the practices and puts their relationship in peril.

In upcoming scenes, we can find  Peter walks in on Jay and Lola kissing. But, Jay left wondering on how and why he knew about their separation? But respond in it, she soon comes up with a cover story. She reveals that she told him about the abortion. Jay puts his doubts to bed. But she has to keep begging Peter not to reveal the truth.

Is there more to this story than fans know? Why would Lola hides it so hard? She made a fall, but she can remake it too! So is there any story behind the scene? Is it just the affair she’s trying to cover up? Or Peter and she are throwing the baby’s parenthood into the air! What is the actual motive? Could it be the real reason she didn’t want another child