The Last Summoner: All Updates About The Upcoming Anime! Release Date, Plot And More!

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The Last Summoner: What is it about?

The Last Summoner is a Chinese manga which is very popular. It is also known by the name Zui Hou De Zhao Huan Shi and is going to be adapted into an anime series.

Everything has a spirit, and the ones who can call upon the spirits are known as Summoners.

This manga is all unreal. It is set in a fictional world that is filled with many creatures that have various spiritual powers. To add on to this, there are beings with strength and skills to summon these spiritual beings. Fans seem to be loving it the way it is.

Image: YouTube
The Last Summoner Displays A Fictional World With Spiritual Creatures

The lead of The Last Summoner, i.e., Zui Hou De Zhao Huan Shi, is a protagonist cook who accidentally summons a spirit named Dora. The cause behind this summoning is the abruptly tempting and divine aroma of the food cooked by Ager.

As it turned out, she was captivated by the smell of food. Not wanting to leave the kid, she signed the contract with him. What will this contract lead to? It remains to be discovered.    

Thus, eventually, the story of Ager and Dora starts unfolding in layers. There is a probability that the amine will continue to kick-off the same streak.

Trailer Released!

Judging the trailer, it seems that the series will have an adult and a censored version.

The Last Summoner: Release Date

BiliBili has confirmed the release of the anime. Though the release is scheduled to air in 2024, the exact date or month of streaming is not known yet.

The current situation of coronavirus pandemic seems to have interrupted the production of the series. Thus, the release of The Last Summoner, aka Zui Hou De Zhao Huan Shi, might face some delays.

Also, besides the declaration of the anime, nothing else has been revealed.

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The Last Summoner: Makers

Bo He Ying Xiang is the writer.

The anime is set to be illustrated and animated by ASK Animation Studio.