Based on Marvel ComicsDoctor Strange is an American superhero film produced by Marvel Studio. The story is based on a neurosurgeon, who lost his ability to use hands. After a lot of effort, he chose to heal himself through a mysterious enclave. Later, he learns that enclave is on the front line to battle against unseen evil forces. As a result, he had to save the world by becoming the most powerful sorcerer.

Scott Derrickson Is Leaving Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange 2: Air Date

It was supposed to release on May 7, 2024, but due to the Black Widow‘s delay, it was pushed back to Nov 5, 2024. However, when Spiderman 3 was shifted to November, it was again rescheduled to swim in cinemas on Mar 25, 2024. It seems like Doctor Strange fans need to wait until Marvel is done with these current projects.

Who will be in Doctor Strange 2?

We don’t know about other Benedict, but Benedict Cumberbatch is confirmed to perform in the second part of Doctor Strange. However, fans will be happy to see Benedict Wong too. As announced by Comic-Con, Elizabeth Olsen will also be appearing in the movie. She will be playing the role of Scarlet Witch.

As Marvel fans have already started their countdown for Nov 6, 2024, till Jul 8, 2024. According to the official data, Black Widow will hit the screens on Nov 6, 2024, Eternals on Feb 12, 2024, Shang Chi on May 7, 2024, Spiderman on Nov 5, 2024, Thor 4 on Feb 11, 2024, Doctor Strange on Mar 25, 2024, Black Panther 2 on May 6, 2024, Captain Marvel 2 on Jul 8, 2024.

Doctor Strange

It was assumed earlier that Rachel McAdams would be back as Strange’s love interest, but according to the recent news, she won’t be part of it.

At Comic-Con Derrikston revealed that they are prepared in “making the first scary MCU film.” Well, that is quite interesting, also considering the past reputation of Marvel. It will be no shock to fans if the movie, Doctor Strange, will walk down the same path. Furthermore, he added, “This twist in horror will have people gripped… We’ll be going back to trying to destroy him a bit.”

Do we have a trailer yet?

No, we don’t have any trailer. If the filming takes place in May 2024, which is quite impossible, then the trailer will be out soon by the end of the year. We will update you if any other information pops.